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I'm a creative writer from St. John's NL, and have just completed my BA Honours English Co-op Degree from Acadia University. My writing has been featured in competitions and publications both nationally and provincially over the past decade, and I have six years of experience as a technical, marketing, and communications writer for various organizations. I also have a background in theatre production and a passion for board games.

Check out the highlights of my recent work below!

The only comedian in outer space. WANL "You Crack Me Up" Writing Contest Winner, 2022

A collection of six short stories created for my English Honours Thesis at Acadia University, 2022

Family ghost story. WANL Folklore Next Door 2022, runner-up. Featured in e-zine

The progression of artistic expression and self confidence told through clothes

Apathetic suspense of adolescense. Featured in the Winter 2022 edition of estuary

A snapshot of a lifelong friendship, for better or for worse

A crumbling relationship between father and daughter

Grief, enduring. Featured in the Fall 2021 edition of estuary

Complexities of childhood, siblings, and memory. Featured in the Fall 2020 edition of estuary

Anything for love. Winning Junior Prose entry in Arts & Letters 2021, AAUEC 2021

The fear of being alone. WANL Flash Fiction winner, 2020

What we choose to forget. Winning Junior Prose entry in Arts & Letters 2019

Small town drama meets adolescent curiosity. Winning Junior Prose entry in Arts & Letters 2018

When the apocalypse seems safer. Kiwanis Short Story Contest, First Place 2017, featued story AAUEC 2020

Watching the end of the world, live on TV. Shortlisted for CBC's First Page, 2017

Ever wanted to fast-forward through life? Kiwanis Short Story Contest, Second Place 2016

A girl is confronted by her non-existent sister. Winning Junior Prose entry in Arts & Letters 2016

Everything has a price. Winning Junior Prose entry in Arts & Letters 2013

A road trip connects old family friends. Arts and Letters Senior Short Fiction Winner, 2023

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